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Welcome to NV The Salon


We are pleased to offer custom airbrush tanning.  Unlike most "spray tans" our system was designed to make you look like you just left the beach on a beautiful island resort. 

Whether you need to look beautiful and sun-kissed bronze for every day, a special event, vacation or even fitness and bodybuilding events*, Infinity Sun is considered the "Rolls Royce" of Airbrush Tans.

Our team can customize your level of color to ensure you have the look that you desire.


To maximize and ensure superior tanning results, clients should be aware of the following tanning guidelines before coming in for their airbrush session.

    •    Shower and exfoliate prior to all airbrush sessions. We recommend using the Infinity Sun Skin Renewing Exfoliant

    •    Shaving or waxing should be performed at least 24 hours before coming in for your session. New Razor blades are recommended for the first shave after a spray tanning session to avoid shaving away the newly tanned skin

    •    Avoid using lotions, creams, and makeup (eye makeup and deodorant are ok) prior to your session

    •    Remove jewelry

    •    Tie long hair up away from face and neck

    •    Wear dark-colored, loose fitting clothing as well as flip-flops or sandals to to wear in order to avoid any possible contact with sweat on the feet

    •    Bring a dark preferably black bathing suit (or garments of preference).  We do offer disposable garments that can be worn during your session.

NV The Salon uses Infinity Sun bronzer which washes out of most clothing very

easily, but can stain wool, silk, light nylon, and other light synthetic materials.


If you take exceptional care of your skin you will typically enjoy longer lasting results. Here are a few tips for achieving a lasting beautiful tan:


    •    Wait at least 8 hours before showering, bathing, swimming, moisturizing, or doing any activity that could cause sweating.

    •    While the tan is developing (typically 8 hours), wear dark, loose-fitting clothing.

    •    Use a gel based, moisturizing soap (not bar soap) when showering/bathing and when drying gently pat dry the skin.

    •    Use only new razors and gently shave the skin to remove hair

    •    Apply moisturizer daily (preferably at night) to help keep the skin hydrated, smooth, and to maximize tanning results.

    •    Apply non-tanning moisturizer twice a day

    •    Avoid exfoliating skin or products that exfoliate the skin such as AHA, BHA, anti-aging products, etc.

    •    Utilize "Glow on the go" which is Infinity Sun's on the go self tanner to touch up any streaks caused by clothing or sweat.